October 12, 2017

Boxwood LLC entered into the contract with Terabank (www.terabank.ge) in September 2017 serving as a strategic consultant in reorganizing Terabank’s internet bank platform. Relying on customer feedback Terabank decided to improve the platform’s tech support and make it as user friendly as possible. Boxwood LLC took under accurate consideration universal UX strategy and had the platform carefully undergo the changes considered both vital and simply reasonable and efficient. The main goal of the bank is to attract more customers involving them in online banking and keep the existing loyal ones happy. “Step by step Georgian banking reached the world wide banking standards. Developing financial institutions are becoming the pride of the nation. We are happy to be a part of any improvement in Georgia, especially taking the virtual products to the next level.” – George Keshelashvili, Boxwood LLC CEO mentioned.


Terabank has played an important role in the Georgian banking sector for over 17 years now. It appeared on the market on December 10th 1999 under the name of “Georgian Agro Business Bank”. After June 13th, 2005 it changed its name and became “Standard Bank”. On December 30th, 2007, UAE based DHABI Group has made its first investments in Georgia and obtained a license of “Kor Bank Georgia”. On June 26th, 2008 Standard Bank and Kor Bank Georgia merged and thus Kor Standard Bank, later positioned as KSB Bank formed. In 2015-2016 KSB Bank worked on the rebranding project and as of May 23, 2016 it operates with new business strategy, branch environment, communication style and new name – Terabank.

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